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Managing Customer Relationships in B2C and B2B Markets

In this free online course, learn how B2C and B2B businesses can develop a robust relationship with their customers.

Publisher: NPTEL
It is crucial that businesses nurture a strong relationship with their customers, as it can help create loyal customers which lead to increased sales. This course on Managing Customer Relationships in B2C and B2B will show you how companies can create a powerful relationship with their customers, in the business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets. You will also learn strategies for managing customer complaints and service failures.
Managing Customer Relationships in B2C and B2B Markets
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A strong customer relationship is crucial to the success of any business. These types of relationships don't just happen in a flash, they are built over time. They require certain strategies to ensure a successful and long-term commitment. This course on Managing Customer Relationships in B2C and B2B Markets will discuss how businesses can develop a productive connection with their customers. The course begins by explaining the influence of customer equity in customer relationship management (CRM). You will be shown why a business should spend money on customer acquisition and retention and how to do it. You will learn about the essence of customer loyalty in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market. In addition to this, you will discover the influence of customer perceived value and satisfaction in the B2C markets. The course explains, using an actual business case, the critical roles of CRM in the service market of B2C. When a business loses customers, there are negative ramifications for the business. The course will teach you the strategies for managing customers' defection from a business in the B2C market. You will learn how service companies in B2C markets can recover from service failures.

Next, you will be introduced to the working operation of aggregator businesses. Did you know that companies, such as Uber, aren't actual service providers but aggregator firms? An aggregator firm connects service providers to the customers. Aggregator firms can sometimes be held responsible for service failures. But, in other cases, the actual service providers are held responsible. This course will teach you the different scenarios in which the actual service providers or aggregator firms are held responsible for service failures. Furthermore, you will learn how actual service providers' failures influence customers' satisfaction with aggregator firms. You will be shown the unique characteristics of business markets and the stages of the business-to-business buying process. The course also discusses how CRM impacts the business market and the methods of managing customer loyalty in business-to-business (B2B) markets. You will discover how much influence brand loyalty and image can have on a business, in B2B markets. Lastly, you will be exposed to the construal level theory. A research study will also be presented to help portray the impact of construal level theory in the customer relationship management of B2B markets.

Customers are the bedrock of any successful business. Therefore, it is important that the relationships with them are strong and productive, and such relationships must be nurtured strategically. Just like in personal relationships, it is essential for businesses to develop and nurture a powerful relationship with their customers. This course is designed to teach you how businesses can create and maintain that much-needed bond with their customers. All successful brands and companies out there take customer relationships seriously. Take a look at Apple company. Have you ever wondered how they are so successful? Well, just like in every other successful organisation, their customer relationship management strategies have pivoted them to success. So, if you want to discover how businesses in the B2C and B2B markets can manage their customer relationships, to achieve long-term success, this course is for you. Start this course today, and begin your journey to building a successful business or becoming an in-demand expert in customer relationship management.

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