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Introduction to Server Administration Services

Learn the practices and techniques of server administration services, including DNS, NTFS and FTP.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online digital security awareness course will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to protect yourself and your sensitive information from security breaches. This course covers many simple and effective ways to prevent security breaches and protect valuable data. You will study various varieties of security threats, social engineering, identity theft, and data classification. You will also look into malware, piracy, and more.
Introduction to Server Administration Services
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This free online course Introduction to Server Administration Services introduces you to essential services on a network such as a name resolutions. You will learn about directory services and group policies, setting permissions for both files and users and applications such as remote desktop.

The course begins by introducing you to essential services on a network such as name resolutions like DNS and service that assign IP addresses for you. You will learn about a directory service and what it stores for you. You will learn about the structure of active directory in Microsoft technology.

Next, you will be introduced to NTFS file systems permissions and how to encrypt files and folders in a Windows system. You will learn about setting share permissions, printing on a network and issues that can arise from network printing. You will also learn about auditing what it is and used for.

Finally, you will be introduced to Web services and different transfer protocols like FTP. You will learn about security services and protocols like SSL. You will learn about remote desktop server and other variations of it. You will learn about virtual machine technology and what it does.

This free online Alison course will be of great interest to professionals working in areas such as computer networking, and network administration and who want to further their knowledge of Windows server administration.

Prerequisites: The learner will need to have completed the Introduction to Windows Server Administration course and the Diploma in Computer Networking course.

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