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Introduction to Industrial Engineering

Free online course on the principles, tools as well as the various techniques associated with Industrial Engineering.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on the Principles of Industrial Engineering provides a comprehensive guide to the principles, tools, and techniques associated with the industrial engineering field. Learn about the organizational structure of the industrial engineering industry, types of Industries available in this sector, and optimization of the processes for producing goods and services. Begin this course today and improve your engineering knowledge.
Introduction to Industrial Engineering
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This free online course on the introduction to Industrial Engineering will start by introducing you to the engineering approach to the various aspects of production and distribution of goods. You will learn about the different types of industries and their role in the production system as well as the role of industrial engineering in the identification of customers’ demand and satisfaction.

This course will then introduce you to the chronological development of Industrial Engineering as well as the notable contributions made by renowned scholars to the field of engineering. You will learn about the general approach of industrial engineering, the general objectives, and the specific objectives of industrial engineering. You will also be introduced to the various functions, tools, and techniques in use in the industrial engineering field and their applications.

Finally, this course will then explain the concept of an organization along with the two types of resources found in an organization, the purpose of the organization, delegation, and authority, as well as what constitutes organizational structure. You will learn about the different roles of an organizational structure as well as the types of organizations that can be found in an industrial engineering organization. You will then learn about the challenges organizations face when they go through changes.

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