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Introduction to C++ Programming Language

In this free online course, learn all about C++ programming concepts and principles, as well as how to use them.

Publisher: Microsoft
This free online C++ course can will introduce you to programming with C++, teaching you how C++ is written and why you might choose to use it. C++ is an incredibly useful tool which can be used to control a much wider range of applications compared to other programming languages. This course will teach you about how C++ combines both procedural and object-oriented elements in simple and clear language that'll get you started right away.
Introduction to C++ Programming Language
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In the free online Introduction to C++ Programming course you will be introduced to programming principles in C++, and learn about some of its operators and functions and how to create objects and classes in C++. The course begins by introducing you to the history of C++. You will learn about the compilation process of a C++ program, about variables in C++, how they are strongly typed and what that means. Next, the course teaches you about the fundamentals operations of C++. You will learn about loops and the switch statement, and about operators in C++. You will also learn about functions, commenting, creating header files, and about using const to make sure variables don’t change their values. Finally, you will be introduced to what a object is and how classes help you in creating objects. You will learn about initialization, encapsulation and constructors. You will also learn about making const objects and problems that can occur with creating const objects. This free Alison course will be of great interest to programmers or developers who would like to learn more about the C++ programming language. Prerequisites: The learner will need to have a good understanding of programming concepts and know at least one other programming language.

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