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C Programming - Introduction

Learn about the basics, key concepts and features of the C Programming language with this free online course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online basic course on C programming language will teach you the basics of the C programming language, the importance of understanding binary and give you a brief introduction to hexadecimal. You will learn about how programming works, the structure that defines all programs and how to start writing your first program. Enroll this online course today if you want to learn programming fundamentals!
C Programming - Introduction
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This free introduction to C Programming online course begins by discussing the importance of programming languages. You will study the binary number system and learn how to convert between binary, hexadecimal, and decimal. You will also learn why you need to include statements in your programs, then you will learn how you must specify the type of data you are using or creating in your program.

Furthermore, in this computer programming language, you will learn the role of RAM in programming a language, how data stored in RAM only exists while your computer is turned on, as well as how programming languages work with data. You will also learn how some functionality is shared by all programming languages and how a program is fundamentally a sequence of many sets of 0s and 1s, each set being a unique instruction telling your computer to do something.

Finally, in this basic online course on programming, you will explore what syntax is in the terms of programming languages, identify what a function is and how they run in your program as well as how to create a C program to display a piece of text on screen. A deeper understanding of the C programming language, its key concepts and features is essential for C programming competency. Enroll in this online course today and start learning the C programming language.

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