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Probability and Chance in Mathematics

Take this free maths course to learn how to calculate the likelihood or possibility that an event will occur.

Publisher: XSIQ
This module will be a massive help to anyone studying mathematical probability and chance. It covers topics from calculating the probability of simple events to Bayes’ theorem and binomial distribution. You will also look into how to conduct a Bernoulli trial (or binomial trial), study the use of Excel to calculate binomial probabilities, learn to find the mean of a binomial distribution, and a whole lot more!
Probability and Chance in Mathematics
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This course introduces you to the mathematics of probability and chance. It starts by teaching you about making arrangements and selection in mathematics, and then covers how to calculate expected values.

Next you will learn about calculating the probability of both simple and compound events, along with probability in independent events. You will be introduced to tree diagrams and how to calculate probability with them. You will also learn about calculating probability in reverse using Bayes’ theorem.

The second module teaches you about what ‘distributions’ are and how to compare them. You will learn what ‘binomial distribution’ is and how to work out a maths problem using it. Finally, you will be taught how to use Microsoft Excel to calculate monomial probabilities and the mean of a binomial distribution.

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