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C++ Programming using Advanced Features

This free online course will teach you how to write fast programs using the advanced techniques of C++ programming.

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This free online C++ programming course will teach you about some of the advanced, essential features of the C++ programming language. C++ is one of the most important and powerful programming languages in use today. In this course you will study the concepts of polymorphism and inheritance, as they relate to both C++ and OOP, and more! Take this free online programming course and familiarise yourself with C++ today.
C++ Programming using Advanced Features
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This course will first introduce you to references. You will learn about inheritance and creating classes that inherit behaviour from other classes. You will also learn about polymorphism and its similarities and differences to overriding functions. You will then study RAII (Resource Acquisition Is Initialization) and pointers, including their similarities and differences to references. You will learn how to dynamically allocate storage to your objects and use a Try-catch block. You will also learn about exceptions, copying, assigning, and destroying objects.

You will then study the features of the Standard Library (STL) and learn about creating templates. You will learn how to vector a container for storing elements of the same type, and about using functions that C++ STL provides to make coding your project easier. The course will also cover lambdas and their usefulness as parameters of another function, as well as the different types of applications that you can write for in C++.

If you have a good knowledge of programming concepts and have completed Alison's Introduction to C++ Programming course, now is a perfect time to start taking this C++ Programming - Advanced Features online course. It will provide you with a firm grasp of the C++ language, give you a set of skills that will enhance your résumé, and will provide you with the confidence you need to display some really impressive abilities. So why wait? Start your next course, today.

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