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Fundamentals of Managing and using Data for Business Intelligence

Learn about business intelligence, data mining, data management, and data warehouse with this free online course.

Publisher: Manish Gupta
This free online course on Fundamentals of Managing and Using Data for Business Intelligence will introduce you to the application of business intelligence in making viable business decisions. Learn about the roles of managers and the reasons why managers need IT support. So, if you are a business enthusiast or practitioner and want to enhance your ability in making viable business decisions, This course is for you. Start learning today!
Fundamentals of Managing and using Data for Business Intelligence
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In this free online course, you will be introduced to the concept of business intelligence, data mining and all you need to know about making business decisions. Have you ever wondered about some of the reasons behind the shutdown of businesses? This course will take you through the activities that you will undertake in order to analyze circumstances surrounding the business to enable you to make useful business decisions. You will learn about the types of systems business intelligence applications employ for analyzing data. With this course, you will acquire basic knowledge of data visualization and dashboard. Wondering what makes a good performance dashboard? Wonder no more. This course will bring to light the capabilities of a good dashboard, what a good performance dashboard can help you achieve, and the common mistakes made when designing a dashboard. It discusses the characteristics of a data warehouse and the various categories of a data warehouse. Also, learn about concepts like Key Performance Indicator (KPI), ETL, and data management when you take this course.

Furthermore, this course delves into the different topics as it relates to data management. Do you know what data warehouse architecture is? Do you know the importance of data management, or care to find out the mechanism behind the transformation of data from input to output? Find the answers to these questions as you progress in the course. You will learn about data management, the arrangement of data in the data warehouse, and how data is being transformed from input to output. Specifically, in this course, you will learn about the different types of data warehouse development approaches. Some key concepts you will learn about are N-Tier architecture, data marts, operative/datastore/ODS, and analytics/visualization and applications. Finally, you will be introduced to data mining, data mining stepping stones, and stages.

The need for business intelligence cannot be overemphasized because for a business to remain viable it needs to be able to analyze the circumstance/data in its surroundings appropriately. Understanding the underlying mechanism of analyzing data or circumstances surrounding a business environment is also just as important as the analysis itself and should not also be overlooked. With this course on business intelligence and data mining, you will get an understanding of the mechanism of data mining, as well as the steps involved in data mining. It especially highlights the various areas in which data mining can be applied. Get acquainted with all the important information you need to know about business intelligence and data mining. This course will be of significant interest to investors, shareholders, managers, and all entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs. It will assist in enhancing their knowledge about data mining and business intelligence and consequently grow their businesses. So, why hesitate? Learn how to make viable business decisions with this free course right away. Begin this journey now!

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