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Fundamentals of Brand Development

Equip yourself with the essential tools and techniques required to build successful brands with this free online course.

Publisher: Idorenyin Umoh
This free online marketing course teaches you the process of brand building. We study contemporary proven marketing strategies as you learn how to define your target audience and competition. We also demonstrate how to establish your brand's voice and identity as we explore a range of key marketing concepts, from storytelling to brand advocacy.
Fundamentals of Brand Development
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This free online marketing course offers a comprehensive overview of the importance of brand building in today's competitive and increasingly digital market. This easy-to-follow course addresses common questions facing a branding beginner but is also suitable for those already in the field of marketing, sales and business who wish to delve deeper into different facets of brand building. The first section highlights professional branding strategies as you are introduced to brand management to appreciate how you can guide your brand on its journey to success. You will also encounter the idea of a brand’s ‘identity’, which is made up of its elements and attributes, and how this is crucial in the establishment of your brand in the consumer’s psyche.

Next, we investigate the brand-building process by asking questions like: ‘Why does my brand exist?’ and ‘What is the spark that drives my brand?’ to help you discover its purpose. We then show you how to identify your competitors and target audience as we examine your brand’s values and formulate a mission statement. This enables a brand to improve both the quality and benefits of its products.

We then see how a brand can stir up emotional reactions in the hearts of potential clients through effective storytelling and messaging. This helps you to integrate your brand into every aspect of your business by being consistent in your brand building. We also examine the importance of ‘brand advocacy’ as we explain step by step how to choose people with whom to build a successful advocacy program. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of both personal and professional branding, this course provides the tools necessary to achieve your marketing goals. It will boost both your career and your ability to navigate the complex world of advertising.

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