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Foundation Diploma in Mathematics - Science, Technology and Engineering

Learn the Math skills you need to apply for a STEM subject at third level and make your future career a success.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Foundation in Mathematics course is designed to help people pursuing careers in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). STEM careers are some of the most highly paid and respected in the world. No matter what level of math you currently have, you can always get a little better, and a free online course is a great place to do so. Start this free online course today and make your future STEM career a success.
Foundation Diploma in Mathematics - Science, Technology and Engineering
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This diploma course will give you the mathematical knowledge and skills you need to study a Science, Technology, or Engineering discipline at third-level. The course consists of simple Maths tutorial videos in which qualified Math teachers resolve problems in real-time. You will also receive comprehensive assessment tests on all aspects of Mathematics which are related to Science, Technology and Engineering.
The course covers a wide range of essential Math topics in a clear step-by-step manner. You will start by learning about fractional indices, simple formulae, and simultaneous equations. Next, you will get a full run-through of quadratic equations, quotients, and differentiation, which are key Math topics for any STEM career. This will pave the way for more advanced lessons covering radians, arrangements, and complex numbers. This will give you a solid grounding for any STEM discipline at third level.

By the end of this course, your Math skills will have greatly improved, and will encompass the core Math topics of Algebra, Equations and Functions, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Calculus, Matrices, Trigonometry and Complex Numbers. This knowledge will open up a wide range of highly paid careers, making a real difference to your life. So get started today, and in less than 2 weeks you'll have given your career development a real boost.

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