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This free online algebra course offers a comprehensive introduction to algebra and carefully and clearly explains the concepts of algebraic fractions. Have you ever asked yourself why algebra is so complicated? Well, you're not alone. This Algebra in Mathematics course is designed to make studying mathematical symbols much easier for you. Take this free online course today and make your math studies a lot less stressful!
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Do you know that the word algebra came from the Arabic word al-jabr. This word dates back to the title of a 9th-century manuscript written by the mathematician Al-Khwarizmi, who is known as the Father of Algebra. Now that you know whom to thank Algebra for, it's time to learn it. First, this course will clearly explain how to simplify your algebraic expressions, with expansion of brackets and factorising.

The course starts off with teaching you how to factorise an algebraic equation, and the two different methods for expanding brackets, how to rearrang simple formulae, what a surd is and how binomial expansion works. In the second module you will be learn about solving different types of quadratic equations, along with what simultaneous equations are and how to solve them. The module ends with explain hidden quadratics, the discriminant and how to solve equations with indices.

In the following module you will be taught about how to solve logarithmic and exponential equations, along with the factor and the remainder theorems. The third module finishes with explaining how to find the root of a cubic equation and what modulus is and how to work it out. Next you will learn about inequalities in quadratic equations and linear equations, and how to solve them using either the trial and error method, the algebra method or the graphical method.

In the last module you will learn about complex numbers and what they are, imaginary numbers and the meaning of I, converting numbers to the polar form and multiplying and dividing in the polar form. The module finishes by showing you how to prove De Moivre’s theorem, complex numbers when solving quadratic equations, complex roots and cube roots.

This course would be of great interest to any one looking to further or upskill their mathematical knowledge and capability.

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Expressions and Formulae

Solving Equations - Part 1

Solving Equations - Part 2


Complex Numbers

Course assessment

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course students will be able to:

  • Recognize how to factorise quadratics
  • Identify how to expand brackets using both the grid and FOIL methods
  • Discuss and define binomial Expansion
  • Recognize how to solve linear equations that contain fractions
  • Recognize how to solve quadratic equations, using formula and graphics
  • Recognize how to solve simultaneous equations
  • Identify how to solve logarithmic and exponential equations
  • Recognize how to solve Quadratic inequalities using the Graphical Method
  • Recognize how to solve Quadratic inequalities using three different methods
  • Define Rational Inequalities and recognize how to solve them
  • Identify how to work out and calculate modulus inequalities and functions algebraically and graphically


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