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Facilitation Management

Learn about coaching, mentoring, leadership, influence, and facilitation management skills with this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online course will teach students the fundamentals of coaching and mentoring others, including the difference between the two. Students will learn about leadership, influence, and how to encourage others. Discover how to properly facilitate good behavior and teamwork through honing your facilitation management. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn how to become an effective leader, motivator, and facilitator..
Facilitation Management
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This Facilitation Management course, will provide you with an understanding of coaching and mentoring. You will learn how to define coaching and mentoring. You will be able to explain setting goals, understanding the realities of being a mentor, and developing options for overcoming obstacles. You will also learn about the importance of trust, how to provide constructive and useful feedback, overcoming roadblocks, and how mentoring differs from coaching.

This course then explains the process for leadership and influence. You will learn about the evolution of leadership, situation leadership, and taking personal inventory. You will also learn about leading by example, inspiring a shared vision among your team, challenging the leadership process, and enabling others to act.

This course then wraps up with facilitation skills, including understanding facilitation, process vs content, and laying the groundwork for facilitation. You will learn about Tuckman and Jensen's Model of Team Development, building consensus among team members, and reaching a decision point. By taking this course you will learn how to reach a decision, deal with difficult people, handle group dysfunction, what an intervention is and techniques for conducting an intervention when needed. So why wait? Start learning to hone your facilitation management course skills today.

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