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Diploma in Programming C#: Fundamentals

Explore the history, concepts and procedures for development in C# using the .NET IDE in this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online course graces enthusiastic programmers with up-to-date knowledge of the development, principles and methods used to develop applications (apps) in C# with the .NET IDE. You will study the proper usage of C# syntax and variable declarations. Learn about data types and various ways of fixing errors in the .NET IDE. Register for this course today and enhance your programming skills in C#.
Diploma in Programming C#: Fundamentals
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This free online course provides an in-depth and practical understanding of C# and the NET integrated development environment (.NET IDE). We examine the history and numerous advantages of the .NET platform as a framework for software development. We then cover the layered architecture and features of all ‘stacks’ of technologies that make up the .NET framework. The course then explains step-by-step how to construct and write simple lines of code.  We then define ‘intermediate language’ and describe what happens behind your C# code as you encounter the numerous uses of the Microsoft intermediate language and the syntax and features of the intermediate language assembly. This course outlines the history of C# and the evolution of the .NET framework, together with the standardization of C#. We provide developer-friendly tools for Microsoft Visual Studio to aid developers and discuss its advantages and basic uses as the most suitable C# coding environment.

We cover the concepts of ‘comments’ and ‘IntelliSense’ and the runtime error debugging function in the compiler's process of building an application. We help you to understand debugging, types of errors, how to fish out mistakes and fix them with Visual Studio debugging tools. Master the proper practical application of the technologies used by breakpoints to debug codes as well as the various activation points of breakpoints placements in code. We examine the structure and usability of C# language along with the namespace definition, classes and general rules guiding the language. This course exposes you to the content of the ‘property window’ and the attributes of the assembly and predefined references in addition to the various types of statements used to perform functions within an application. Join us as we investigate the operations, practical application, syntax combinations and output of expressions.

This course unpacks preprocessor directives and variables as a memory location for the storage and management of information. We study the rules that must be followed while using C# to create applications along with the proper application of comments and ‘whitespaces’. We take you through naming rules, components, assignment, declaration and range of variables. Do you want to know how information is stored, used, manipulated, called and displayed in Visual studio? Then this course is for you as it details the representation of data using structures and classes and demonstrates how to choose an appropriate data type. This course also analyzes the application, value, precision and advantages of other data types in C# and lays out the nature, declaration and keywords of other data types. This course helps students, researchers, programmers, professional developers and anyone interested in app development to hone their C# skills.

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