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Diploma in Programming C#: Intermediate

Learn about the manipulation techniques and applications of C# programming in this free online advanced C# course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
Refine your C# skills with this Programming C#: Intermediate free online course and learn how to apply C# and the many techniques provided by the .NET framework to enhance code functionalities. This advanced C# course covers a host of methods that you will need to take your coding in C# to the next level, including learning about types, operators, the manipulation of strings, looping construct, and processes involved in creating classes.
Diploma in Programming C#: Intermediate
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    6-10 Hours
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If you already are adept with some of the features of C# (Csharp/C sharp), then this Programming C#: Intermediate free online course is a great next step. The first part covers a lot of basic content where you will be taught about the conversion of data types, the various ways to use operators, what “Parse”is and how it’s used for data conversion, and all about Value- and Reference Types. The next section of this C# course covers operators such as arithmetic, comparison, logical, type, and null condition and then you move on to discussing the GetType method, the concepts of nulls and default values, together with their applications. Functionalities associated with working with XML are discussed in-depth and you will conclude this section by exploring the application and structure of .NET framework classes.

The following section teaches you all about the system.io namespace and then the various kinds and applications of strings. Some themes you will get to know are string concatenation, string conversion, name separation of strings, gathering data from strings, and string data type formatting and display features of the .NET framework. Often, you can find that there are issues associated with using too many concatenation operations on a string in a code and this can be addressed by using StringBuilder. StringBuilder along with its functions and applications are studied in great detail and you will finish off this part of this C# tutorial by delving into structures such as System.DateTime, TimeSpan, conditional branching and the if-else statement vs switch statement. The last part of the course starts by teaching you the workings of a code compiler, all about loops, the importance of system.io namespace, class constructors as well as the uses of programs such as Visual Studio and how they assist with coding.

If you have a coding or programming background and want to hone your C# skills, then this free online course is perfect for you. Programming students can also learn a lot from this advanced C# course because it truly demonstrates the uses and applications of this very popular coding language.

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