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Diploma in Lean Manufacturing - Productive Management with Fundamental Tools

Learn how the Japanese management concept of ‘lean manufacturing’ can boost production in this free online course.

Publisher: S. M. Waqas Imam
This diploma course explains how organizations can embrace a lean culture to raise workplace productivity and efficiency. We begin by explaining the business philosophy of ‘Kaizen’ and discuss how organizations can use it to continually improve. We then cover some fundamental ‘lean’ tools like the ‘5 Ss’, housekeeping, ‘Kanban’, scheduling systems and so on. We examine the ‘quality circles’ through which lean cultural change is achieved.
Diploma in Lean Manufacturing - Productive Management with Fundamental Tools
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This diploma course provides a comprehensive guide to the fundamental philosophies and tools of lean manufacturing. We outline efficiency-boosting measures like the Japanese concept of ‘Kaizen’, the ‘5 Ss’, ‘Kanban’ and ‘quality circles’. 

The course begins by introducing you to the concept of ‘Kaizen’ as we examine its elements and processes with examples of its successful implementation. This course will be of great help to industrial professionals looking to implement the ‘5 Ss’ and ‘Kanban’. We can also help you to understand how ‘quality circles’ can be employed to change your organization’s work culture into a lean one that never stops trying to improve its internal processes. The course also empowers top and middle management to embrace ‘lean’ methods so they can play a leading role within their evolving organizations.

This course can help lean experts and managers to apply cutting-edge manufacturing concepts to their organizations to boost productivity. These ideas have proven successful in both large and small companies and can prove the difference between success and failure in today’s cutthroat business environment so sign up to get an edge over the competition.

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