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Diploma in Integrated Marketing Management

Study how to integrate strategies, processes, technologies and people across the marketing ecosystem in this course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course will teach you about the fundamentals of integrated marketing management (IMM) and its impact on the consumer market. It begins by introducing you to the history of marketing and different concepts in contemporary marketing. You will analyze consumer behavioural models, strategies and management in the context of different brands and advertising.
Diploma in Integrated Marketing Management
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    10-15 Hours
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This free online course will teach you the crucial fundamentals of integrated marketing management (IMM) and how it is used to influence consumer markets. ‘Marketing’ is a concept that dates back to the early traders and is an important aspect of creating a business and building a brand. The course covers marketing practices and principles, and integrates these important skills into real-world applications. It kicks off by introducing you to the evolution of marketing.

Next, you will look at the role of marketing today and the meaning of marketing management. Learn more about how consumer behaviours impact your market strategy and how to segment the target market, based on the goals of your company. This will also include learning about the marketing environment, which plays a vital role in how to make decisions for a company.

Finally, the course covers essential aspects of products and pricing strategies, and how these can impact your brand image. You will learn the importance of creating a strong brand and how communications can affect your brand image even more. This course will interest those in marketing, human resources management or any other area of communications like public relations or digital marketing. Start this course now and gain an understanding of integrated marketing management today to develop your skills in this fascinating field.

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