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Diploma in Environmental Quality Monitoring and Analysis

Learn about environmental pollution, from its sources to its health effects, in this free online course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
In this free online course you will learn about how a pollutant flows in the environment from emission, to how it is transported, and the health effects it has on people and living things. Several questions will be answered under the environmental risk assessments with the ultimate objective of finding out how regulatory bodies can intervene to control these effects. Start this course today and expand your skills as an environmental scientist.
Diploma in Environmental Quality Monitoring and Analysis
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    15-20 Hours
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In this free online course, you will be introduced to the world of an environmental scientist, where you will study topics such as how to detect a pollutant in the environment, investigate the presence of a pollutant in the environment and the health effects of pollutants. Calculations, quantitative exercises and assessment questions are designed to give you a comprehensive foundation in the profession of the environmental scientist, enabling you to take serious steps into this career.

The course is divided into three main sections. In the first section, you will be introduced to the definition of the composition of the environment or its compartments, as well as pollutants of concern and why we need to be concerned about them. This section also covers physical-chemical properties, criteria for pollution, toxicology, regulatory standards and risk assessment. The second section deals with the monitoring of environmental quality, where you will learn about specific environmental quality parameters, as well as techniques for measurement and sampling.

The third section deals with the fate and transport of chemicals, the fundamental aspects of intraface, interface transport and explaining how a chemical moves in phases. Atmospheric dispersion models are also covered, including the various factors that influence atmospheric dispersion. This course will be of interest to science or engineering students. It will also be of interest to environmental professionals and to those with a general interest in the environment. Start this course today and expand your skills as an environmental scientist.

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