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Determinants of Organizational Structure

Learn the best structure to adopt for your organization to succeed and operate smoothly in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Business people often wonder how to set up organizations and the kind of structure to adopt. If you're one of these people and are eager to learn, then here is a course for you. This free online course on the Determinants of Organizational Structure introduces and explains the various structures of organizations, to help you determine the best structure to implement that will enable your business to operate smoothly and effectively.
Determinants of Organizational Structure
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The number of businesses and organizations in today's economy is quite enormous. They vary from large to small and even medium-sized. All over the world thousands of new ones spring up every day and thousands go out of operations every day. Though this pattern is certain, there are those businesses and organizations that have managed to remain in existence for many years, and will still be in operation for a long time. This makes curious business people wonder; what are these prominent organizations doing differently to ensure their survival for many decades or centuries? If these curious people can find these answers for them to implement in their own businesses too, then it might be much easier to set up an organization or manage an existing one. Are you one of these people seeking answers to such questions? Do you want to understand how organizational structures and strategies help to sustain business firms? This free course on the Determinants of Organizational Structure introduces and explains the various structures that can be adopted in new and existing organizations.  

You will start by learning about Strategy, get to understand what it means and study the different views on organizational strategy. You will be able to identify various types of strategies and discern their impacts on organizational structure. Next, You will examine the term: organization size. You will understand what it means, identify its importance, and analyze some of its critics. The relationship between the size and structure of an organization as well as the administrative component will be discussed. Then, some contributions from notable organizational researchers will be considered such as Chandler's structure-follow-strategy thesis, Miles & Snow's four strategic types, and strategy-structure theory. You will examine the implications of structure from Porter's competitive strategies, as well as Miller's strategy-structure framework.

Lastly, technology will be analyzed, studying its definition and how it is measured in an organization. You will examine some contributions of Woodward and Perrow towards technology and also study the contributions of James Thompson, examining few influences on the technology-structure relationship. You will study the effect of environmental uncertainty on complexity, formalization, and centralization. Then, you will consider some notable contributions from a few environmental researchers like Tom Burns, G. M. Stalker, Eric Twist, Lawrence, Lorsch, etc. Their research and conclusions from studying various organizations to achieve their goals. Are you ready to dive into this fun and insightful course on the Determinants of Organizational Structure? Don't waste any more time. Start this course now. 


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