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Designing a Service

Gain insights into the service process and the considerations you must make when designing your service.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Designing a Service course will teach you about the service process, how to design the physical realities of your service, and the importance of developing your service personnel and communicating effectively with your customers. Service-oriented industries have to ensure customer satisfaction in order to survive. Start this this free online course today to start designing or improving upon your service today.
Designing a Service
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This course will first introduce you to the service blueprint, which is designed to give you an indication of the roles that employees, customers, and collaborators have to play. You will then examine the processes played out by service personnel, which may be further supported by processes that are often driven by computers. Very importantly, the course will then guide you through the roles of customer expectations and their orientations.

You will then look into human resource policies for service personnel as well as customer participation and collaboration strategies that will help you structure your service design. The course will teach you the different aspects of the servicescape and the roles played by the physical environment. You will study coordinated and integrated marketing communications (IMC), the 6 Ms model, and price setting. Finally, you will look into true economic value (TEV), customer lifetime value (CLV), and the four consumer rights.

Setting up a successful service requires preparation, knowledge, and training. This online Designing a Service course will help business entrepreneurs understand the service design of their organization and make the necessary modifications. The knowledge taught in this course will also be valuable to service managers and staff to ensure that they also have a first-hand understanding of the industry they work in. So, start the course now and learn how to design a top quality service in no time!

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