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Couples Counselling - How to Effectively Communicate with your Partner

This free online course guides you through aspects of communication and listening concerning couples counselling.

Publisher: Sola Togun-Butler
The ability to communicate with your partner is a crucial part of any relationship. This course introduces couples counselling, where you will learn about communication as a vital part of your relationship. It will teach you skills and techniques to improve your relationship with your partner. This course is a great learning tool for couples, and you will learn how to communicate more effectively with your partner.
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Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship. The ability to communicate is a crucial part of a relationship between couples. This course is designed for couples to improve how they relate to each other. Under the guidance of Dr Sola Togun-Butler, an experienced psychologist and couples counsellor, you will learn about specific communication techniques. These techniques will improve the way you relate to each other. We will start by going through the outline of this course and introducing you to your instructor. This meeting is an essential step as you need to trust your instructor and take their techniques to heart.

Next, the course moves into introducing the origins of communication. Here, you will learn how the relationships around you, significantly when growing up, impacted how you communicate today. You will explore your roots of communication and understand what made your communication style the way it is. You will also learn about the different types of communication patterns. In this section, you will discover the most effective way to communicate with one another and how sharing in the right way aids in resolving arguments. This section will also explain what metacommunication is. Metacommunication demonstrates how to bring you and your partner together productively. Here, you will also complete exercises found in the resource section, designed to make this course more effective and beneficial.

Finally, this course looks at reflective listening. Reflective listening is a convenient and helpful tool used in couples counselling. Here you will discover how to become an active listener and the techniques used to communicate effectively. Learn about the advantages of using “I” statements when talking to your partner. Understand how this resolves in better collaboration between the two of you. You will also look at the necessity of having daily and weekly check-ins. This technique allows you to go through the week listening, learning, and talking about what you and your partner need from each other. Completing the tasks for this part of the course will further assist you in your well-being. This course is a brilliant tool to use in improving your communication skills! It is the perfect opportunity to get a relationship back on track. Your communications skills will reach another level as you enjoy the advantage of these practical lessons.

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