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Business Growth: Start-Ups, Investment and Negotiation

Learn how negotiation, investment, development and fundraising can help businesses grow in this free online course.

Publisher: Stanford
This free online business course will be of great interest to anyone thinking about starting up a company. Business leaders and entrepreneurs offer their teachings on a range of subjects, from the importance of corporate culture to effective negotiation. They also discuss how to find angel investors for your business and why fundraising is such an important skill for entrepreneurs. So if you want to excel in business, start your learning today.
Business Growth: Start-Ups, Investment and Negotiation
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    4-5 Hours
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This course begins by discussing personal achievement, looking at how thinking like a traveler, treating life as an experiment and doing what you love can help you achieve success. It goes on to talk about how important it is to be able to cope with failure and learn from your mistakes, as well as the importance of creating meaning for employees in order to maximise their productivity.

The course moves on to talk about how you can transfer the culture of a big company into your start-up, how small companies can use speed to compete with giants in the same market and what financial institutions can offer companies beyond mere money management. The course then moves on to discuss being a venture capitalist and the impact of social entrepreneurship as well as how to attract angel investors to partner with your company.

Finally, the course looks at the art of negotiation, why effective negotiation is important in so many areas and why it's important to treat negotiations as if you may run into the same people further down the road. The course also discusses product development and understanding your customers as well as the success and ecosystem of Silicon Valley. These are all vital things for the aspiring entrepreneur to understand, so start your learning journey today.

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