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Building Machine Learning App Interface

This free online course examines how to build a handwriting recognition app, as well as basics of core machine learning.

Publisher: YouAccel Training
Building Machine Learning App Interface is a free online course that introduces you to the core concepts of machine learning, and how to start building apps that can think. It explains how Convolutional Neural Network works and how to classify images. Learn how to build the app interface using the interface builder. This course explains how to make a simple iOS app in Xcode as well as how to create a new swift project on Xcode. Register Now!
Building Machine Learning App Interface
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Machine learning is basically a way that our programs and applications can learn from various data that has been passed into our application. Making predictions, based on the information that was received. A great way to use deep learning to classify images is to build a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). The Keras library in Python makes it pretty simple to build a CNN. Building Machine Learning App Interface is a free online course that introduces you to Keras. This course teaches you the uses of Keras. You will learn the difference between tensor flow and Keras. A dataset in machine learning is, quite simply, a collection of data pieces that can be treated by a computer as a single unit for analytic and prediction purposes. This means that the data collected should be made uniform and understandable for a machine that doesn't see data the same way as humans do. This course explains how Convolutional Neural Network works and how to classify images.

Next, in this course, you will learn how to run values through convolutional layers, and all the cool processing you need to do. It describes how to build your Convolutional Neural Network using Keras. The goal of Machine Learning is to mimic the human mind. It can be used to identify things like objects or images, make predictions and even analyze and identify speech. This course teaches you how to build an app that can recognize handwriting using the core ML module. It uncovers the process of importing the core ML model to a project in order to use it. This course teaches you how to perform OCR handwriting recognition using OpenCV, Keras, and TensorFlow. You will understand the process involved in making a prediction using a Core ML module to create a request handler. This course teaches you how to handle the result given from Core ML and use the result to cycle through. You will discover what is required in order to determine what number you are actually predicting.

Finally, in this course, you are going to learn everything you need to know to start building more intelligent apps and your own ML models. Core ML is the foundation for domain-specific frameworks and functionality. Core ML supports Vision for analyzing images, Natural Language for processing text. Core ML also supports Speech for converting audio to text, and Sound Analysis for identifying sounds in audio. This course will introduce you to Core Machine Learning, how it works, and how to properly use Core Machine Learning. This course gives you hands-on knowledge on how to correctly integrate Machine Learning into iOS Apps. In this course, you will be guided on how to make a custom UI collection view flow layout. This course will be of immense benefit to website and application developers. Digital or data analysts seeking basic knowledge using the Python environment as well as anyone with basic knowledge of the Python Environment can study this course. Register and Get Started Now!

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