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Bootstrap 3.1 - Fundamentals

Explore the fundamentals of Bootstrap 3.1, the base CSS, and JavaScript framework with this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
‘Bootstrap 3.1 – Fundamentals’ is a free online course from Alison that provides enthusiastic developers with up-to-date knowledge of the concepts and procedures for web development using the Bootstrap 3.1 framework. You will study the proper usage of the base CSS framework and the components of Bootstrap, and learn about JavaScript and the principles of updating a blog site. Register for this course today and enhance your web development skills!
Bootstrap 3.1 - Fundamentals
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Interested in building a career in web development as a professional developer? Then, you will need to learn about the Bootstrap 3.1 platform, a client-side CSS framework that helps create good-looking sites with little effort. In web development, developers and designers play very different roles. ‘Bootstrap 3.1 – Fundamentals’ analyzes the principles of website development and updating a blog on a website. This course takes you through how to build a responsive website using the front-end development framework with the base CSS and JavaScript framework. This short course begins by taking you through the introductory processes of the conceptual meaning of the Bootstrap platform. It explains the procedure for getting the mobile-first responsive design out of the box with a clean, consistent and generally pleasing design. You will learn how to apply the default grunt command, and how to identify the variety of editors that can be employed and what informs the choice of selecting a particular editor. The course shows you how to download an editor, unzip it and get it ready for use in developing a website. Learn the principles of creating a new blog site using Visual Studio and the swift techniques for getting the Bootstraps framework functioning with a content delivery network (CDN).

Furthermore, the course demonstrates how Bootstrap helps the overall layout, including the basic cascading style sheet (CSS) classes available on Bootstrap, starting with the grid system and Bootstrap files. You will learn about the processes and procedures for topography as it relates to the overall look and feel of a website, and how to add a grid to the layout of the main content and sidebar on a blog site. Study the built-in support for active, hover and disabled states in Bootstrap as well as the applications and functionalities of navigation bars in developing a website. The course provides an in-depth discussion about the Bootstrap components which examines the various impact controls that allow users to generate more meaningful interactions. You will learn about the intricate reviews crucial to the functionalities of the Bootstrap components given the input, navigation, labels and badges, breadcrumbs, headers as well as panels and thumbnails. You will also learn about the compatibility of Bootstrap 3.1 with other browsers.

In conclusion, you will uncover the various components with a primary functional base to JavaScript plug-ins with Bootstrap. You will be taken through the technical and systematic relevance of modals, scrollspy and affix, and how the use of scrollspy and affix can help create a navigation element. You will also get to learn about tabs, collapse, tooltips and popovers as well as their use in the synchronization mechanism of updating a blog site. This course explains the swift techniques for getting the Bootstraps framework functioning with the CDN alongside the principles of installing package managers. Also learn how the tab plugin can be used to dynamically swap out content as users choose between different tabs. Finally, you will be taken through the ways JavaScript components are activated and how to update a blog site in Boostrap. If you are interested in a simple and free front-end framework for faster and easier web development, then this course would be a great fit for you. If you are a developer in the quest to update your professional skills, you start this course today and get the opportunity to use Bootstrap 3.1 to easily create responsive and visually-appealing web designs.

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