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Adobe Lightroom for Beginners

Acquire photo management and editing techniques using Adobe Lightroom Classic with this free online course.

Publisher: Stay Curious Media Ltd
Are you a photo editor, a casual photographer, a social media influencer or anyone desiring to make a career out of photo editing? This free online course will teach you all you need to know about photo management and editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Learn how to import and organise your photos in the library so you can balance the colours, the light and detail to obtain the best quality for each image. Enrol today!
Adobe Lightroom for Beginners
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In this age of digital photography, you can take hundreds of photos that you can enhance and upload on social media or store in an archive. However, photo editing is not just for professionals but for anyone interested in art and photography. With Adobe Lightroom, you can edit, organise and enhance any photo. This free online course will teach you everything you need to know about photo editing using this software. We begin by introducing the Adobe Lightroom interface and the tools to edit an image. You will also study the three main principles of editing: light, colour and detail. We will explore the specifics of these principles and functions and show you how to combine these three editing principles to make a decent high-quality photo.

Each image tells a story through the mood it portrays. The following section will teach you how to detect or set the mood of any image using colours. Next, you will analyse the ‘Library’ module of Adobe Lightroom and study how to manage the representation of all the photos imported into the Adobe Lightroom catalogue panel. You will review how to create and edit existing catalogues and add, copy and move images from one location to another. We demonstrate how to use the ‘navigator’ tab of Adobe Lightroom and the ‘histogram’ panel to improve the appearance of your pictures. We outline the various ways to add keywords, ratings, flags and metadata to your images. Since Adobe Lightroom is solely made for managing images, you will learn how to filter them to make them easy to manage, edit, explore and print. We will lay out the steps to change the sources of the images in the film strip.

Finally, you will review each panel and study what it takes to edit a typical image using different panels that Lightroom provides. You will begin by examining the left panel of the ‘Develop’ module. Then, you will learn how to work with selective adjustment panels. Next, investigate the panel parts, their functions and how to use each tool to enhance an image. The picture details reveal every element of the objects you have photographed. Without this, your image will not be apparent to whoever sees them. This final section teaches how to set your image's sharpness and noise reduction for optimal quality. A professional photo editor with years of experience in teaching provides examples, which you can edit on the screen as you work through the course. Upgrade your photo editing skills to a professional level by registering today!

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