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Andrew LeMasters is a retired Special Forces Green beret who has led thousands of people around the globe. From small operations to large logistical movements, he has facilitated training, education, and team development with people and characteristics of all types. Companies are beginning to realize that diversity is a key driver of success. However, outdated leadership styles are no longer effective in this new era. To thrive as a business and organisation, you must become flexible and adaptable to any situation.

Andrew takes his experience working with adversity and shows how to leverage differences and identify the best in people to excel in the workforce. His experience as a flexible, goal-oriented leader will help you navigate the diverse workforce to interact, communicate, and lead people of all types.

Andrew teaches you how to manage time and resources, along with different communication styles to fit any circumstance. He also explains the core concepts of managing projects to ensure the end is always reached, quickly and efficiently.

Free, Online Courses Created by Andrew LeMasters

  • Certificate

    The Essentials of Leadership for Career Development

    3-4 hrs
    Learn the essential leadership principles, values and skill sets for career development in this free online course.
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