We all want nice things in life – a good job, a great relationship, financial stability. Instead of allowing them to remain desires, learn how to go out and make them happen by following Alison’s top seven life hacks to get what you want.

Know what it is you want

So you’re not content with your lot, but do you know what it is you’re lacking in your life? Taking the time to identify what it is you want is the first step to getting it. The first and most important of all life hacks. Think about where you’d like to see yourself in the future, what you want for your life. Dream big!

Make a plan

So you’ve decided what it is you want. The next life hack is to make a plan of how you’re going to get there. Be strategic in your planning, laying out your overall plan in small doable steps. If your overall aim is to become your own boss – how do you plan on getting there? Step one could be researching the industry you’re planning on entering, or talking to mentors who have been where you want to be.

Take the first step

After some soul searching, it’s time to take action. Visualisation is a great tool for manifesting your dreams but is only effective if you act on it. One of the hardest life hacks, the first step is always the most difficult, but once you get the ball rolling, the hardest part is done. If reaching your goal means getting other people on board, there are some clever ways of making people want to join you enthusiastically. Discover how to work well with others for a greater good by learning some super successful psychology tips.


A very simple but extraordinarily underused way of getting what you want. If someone has something that you think will help you get what you want, then ask them for help. Most people love to be useful, love to be wanted and love to help. So ask the question. If it’s a job promotion or a raise you’re aiming for, this Alison Negotiation course will set you on the right track.

Side Step the Obstacles

There will be obstacles and challenges – that’s part of life. Expect them and don’t be deterred by them. Be prepared to get around them, jump over them, and get through them – whatever it takes.

Spot Opportunity

Keep your eyes open to new avenues, new contacts, and new ways of getting to where you want to go. Try not to be so focused on your goal that you forget to lift your head up to see an opportunity when it arises. Your goal could be a lot closer than you think …

Don’t Give Up

There’s bound to be time involved in getting what you want, and so, patience is of the essence. Keep your goal in mind, keep a progress diary close, update it regularly and enjoy the journey. Respected thought leader Tom Kelley says you should have confidence in what you know well, but realise that you have a lot more to learn and that you must keep yourself learning at all times.

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