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Change Management - Organizational Capacity for Change

This change management training introduces you to the principles and practices of Organizational Capacity for Change.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online change management training course introduces you to Organisational Capacity for Change. Businesses need to be able to deal with ongoing change, and OCC is designed to achieve this goal. OCC involves human resources, systems and procedures, and organizational culture. By the end of this change management certifications course, you will be able to build an effective change strategy and play a vital role in organizations.
Change Management - Organizational Capacity for Change
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This change management training course introduces you to the principles of Organizational Capacity for Change (OCC). OCC refers to the resources an organization has, that makes it adaptable to a changing market environment. Capacity is multidimensional and comprises three core elements: human resources; systems and procedures; culture, values, and norms. Leadership effectiveness is important for preparing and driving organizational change. In this change management practitioner course, you will learn about the importance of leaders building trust with their "followers".

You will learn that leaders must demonstrate skill and competence in making visions become realities. Successful change management training programs incorporate personal follow-ups, such as reminder notes, one-to-one coaching sessions, and adequate time and resources spent working with others. 'Change Champions' are usually middle managers in an organization, who are able to influence others to adopt proposed changes, without having the formal authority to do so. You will study best practice guides that have been compiled from change management literature and research, as well as practical lessons learned from change management projects.

This free organizational change management certification course will be of great interest to professionals looking to play a prominent role in change management processes. The training programs will also be of interest to small business owners who want to learn more about guiding their employees through a period of change. Change is a constant feature of the business. This means that the skills you will learn in this course will undoubtedly come in handy sooner or later. So why wait? Start the change management practitioner certification course now. and become the professional your organization is looking for.

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