Speaking in front of an audience is not something many of us have to do regularly and so it isn’t a skill that many people can readily call on. However, it’s an incredibly valuable talent, particularly in the workplace. Public speaking is one of those key skills that can separate you from the competition. If you’re pursuing a promotion then being a confident public speaker will always stand in your favour, as it’s a prerequisite for team leaders to be able to speak confidently and motivate their team. Learning to speak publicly will also increase your overall confidence, giving your work life a general boost. 

To help you gain this workplace superpower, we’ve collected seven fantastic courses that will teach you everything you need to know about engaging your audience and delivering your message successfully. Your next presentation is going to blow them away!

First Thing’s First

Before starting your public speaking journey, you should assess the state of your current skills. Alison’s free Workplace Personality Assessment will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and highlight whether or not public speaking is a vital or secondary skill that you need. The results of the assessment will give you a great platform from which to plan your upskilling.

7 Courses for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills 

1. Planning for Ultimate Public Speaking Success

This course, created by public speaking expert, TJ Walker, is the perfect primer for anyone seeking to grow their speech-giving skills. It covers all of the bases, from engaging your audience confidently to clear delivery. The course includes a fantastic module for complete beginners, so you can be sure that none of the fundamentals are missed out. The perfect place to start!


2. Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking

Let’s be honest, the scariest part about public speaking is simple – it’s scary. But it’s like any other skill – it can be learned, and the more you practice the better you get. This course frames public speaking in those terms and will help you overcome any fear you might have about public speaking by normalising it. You’ll also learn how to practice effectively so that when the time comes for the big presentation, you can be sure that you’re well-rehearsed.



3. Mindfulness

In tandem with the course on conquering your fear of public speaking, this mindfulness course is a great asset to have in the build-up to your public speech. Whether it’s your first or fifty-first time making a speech, you’re going to be nervous – and that’s fine. What’s important is that you know how to cut through the nerves and anxiety and stay focused on the job at hand and remain mindful of the hard work and practice that you’ve put in in preparation.

4. Public Speaking Emergencies

Without trying to alarm you, there are always going to be hiccoughs and unforeseen circumstances when you’re giving a speech. It’s like live music – sometimes the mic cuts out! However, this course covers a variety of public speaking emergencies and will prepare you for unplanned eventualities such as technical faults in presentation equipment or forgotten notes.


5. Video Presentations and Public Speaking

One thing that working from home hasn’t changed is that, even though you’re no longer in the office, you have to give presentations. Video presentations come with their own specific difficulties, and even those who have mastered public speaking in real life can struggle to get a handle on this new form of public speaking. Without an audience in the room, it can be hard to gauge how you’re presentation is being received and this can be a major difficulty for speakers. This comprehensive course will guide you through the unique challenges of video presentations.


6. Public Speaking Skills for Kids and Their Parents

Public speaking can be a difficult skill to master but just like foreign languages, it’s a lot easier to learn the younger you are. Just as parents who teach their child a second language from a young age are giving their child a gift, educating your children in public speaking at an early age will save them a lot of hard work and anxiety later in life. This course is also a great way to tackle your own project of upskilling in public speaking, as you and your child can work alongside and encourage one another!


7. Humorous Public Speaking, & Becoming Funnier

The best way to settle into a speech is by getting a laugh. It won’t just help put you at ease, it will aid your audience settle down into listening to what you have to say. Humour is the best way to capture an audience’s attention, especially if you’re tasked with conveying information which might be otherwise difficult to digest or remain interested in. This unique public speaking course from stand-up comedian and entrepreneur, Chester Sky, will help you craft the perfect speeches, bound to get a laugh!

Now check out the Alison Career Guide!

Now that you’ve mastered Public Speaking, it’s time to leverage it into an exciting new career! The Alison Career Guide is a unique tool that teaches you everything you need to know about a specific career path, including the skills required to succeed in that sector. It also recommends the exact courses you need to take to develop those skills, setting you on the path to the job of your dreams.

There are a host of great opportunities for confident public speakers. Check out the Career Guide now to start your new professional journey as an:

  • Actor – Use that newfound confidence and go all the way to the big screen!
  • High School Teacher – Education – the best business out there. (We might be biased!)
  • Politician – Transform your new talent into a force for public good.
  • Attorney – Confident public speaking is the most essential tool in the legal profession.

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