You’ve asked and we’ve listened! We are thrilled to announce that the Alison iOS App is finally here.

In December 2020, we proudly launched our much anticipated online learning app for Android. The app proved a huge hit (nearly 700 000 downloads in just over six months!) and introduced thousands of new students to the platform that has been empowering millions since 2007.

The Alison App has given people who had previously not been able to use Alison on desktop direct access to our free online Certificate and Diploma courses – right in the palm of their hands.


Now, with the launch of the iOS version, we’re excited to be able to empower even more Learners! The iOS app shares all of the great features that have made the Android version so popular.

Learning on the Alison iOS App is Easy

The App was designed with our Learners in mind and is easy to use. You can easily find your way around courses using the same user-friendly features as found on the Alison website. Learners familiar with the Desktop platform will find similar Learner Dashboard features on the mobile App like course progress, completed courses and purchased certificates, which can be downloaded directly from the App.

Full-screen video support makes it easy to watch content wherever you are and the App’s auto-sync function allows you to move seamlessly from your phone to your desktop. All learning gets saved on your Learner Dashboard so if you find yourself hopping between learning on the Alison App and Desktop, you will never lose sight of your learning progress.

Fewer Ads and Easy to Find Courses for a Better Learning Experience

The new iOS app is available on most Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads, giving our Learners on Apple devices the same intuitive learning experience as those learning on Android. The App provides access to all of Alison’s 3000+ courses, with even fewer ads than on Desktop. The App also features an improved search function with the ability to search within categories, allowing you to find the perfect course faster than ever before! To learn more about the Alison App, check out the review on the WebApp Market.

What can You Do on the iOS App?

The Alison iOS App is just one of the many ways we empower our Learners to learn anything, anywhere, at any time. Now on-the-go learning has never been simpler for Apple users.

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