“Strike While the Iron’s Hot”. We’ve all heard this saying and others, such as “A stitch in time saves nine” or “Opportunity only knocks once.” But going beyond clichés, it is crucial to understand the importance of having an updated, accurate, and engaging resumé when applying for your first job or making a career change. You might have the perfect qualifications, skills, and experience for a job, but without a targeted resumé, how do you stand out to recruiters or hiring managers? You need a tool that makes you shine the brightest among a galaxy of applicants.

Alison’s free Resumé Builder helps you craft a stellar professional resumé that is concise, precise, meets industry standards, and ensures you get noticed. A resumé that will help you land the interview and secure the job.

The Importance of a Resumé

A resumé is the formal customised document that job seekers send to hiring agencies or prospective employers to express interest in open and advertised positions. A well-crafted, fit-for-purpose, and compelling resumé is one of your strongest allies as you navigate your career map. For beginners, it is their launching pad into the job market. If you seek career advancement, it sets forth why you qualify for higher remuneration, a senior role, or both, whether in your current company or externally. If you aim to switch careers, your resumé highlights the additional credentials you have acquired to prepare yourself for the change and how your experience has fostered useful transferable skills.  

Your resumé should:

  1. Tell your unique career story and create your personal brand.
  2. Pitch your education, skills, and experience effectively and confidently.
  3. Demonstrate that you are the right fit for the job.
  4. Be logically structured and clearly phrased (avoid the clichés).
  5. Rivet the reader’s attention and make them eager to interview you.
  6. Generate discussion points for interviews.

Why Do You Need Alison’s Resumé Builder Tool?

Creating the perfect resumé requires time and thought, effective writing and editing skills, and a standout design. Even if you have plenty to write about, you might lack one or more of these elements. That’s where Alison’s Resumé Builder comes in. 

With Alison’s Resumé Builder, you can draft, refine, and fortify your resumé in just a few minutes, saving time to prepare for the interview when the call comes in. You can use it to power up your resumé right from the first page so that it climbs to the top of every pile of applications on the desk of the recruiter or hiring manager and makes your professional persona come alive on their computer screen.

Alison’s Resumé Builder gives you:

  • Lifetime access to update your resumé throughout your career. 
  • The convenience of adding your work experience and Alison’s diplomas and certificates to your resumé to showcase your skills and expertise.
  • The flexibility of adding sections, including references, awards and recognitions, and your interests.

The Bonus?

Alison’s Resumé Builder is:

  • Absolutely free
  • User-friendly
  • Comes with unlimited PDF downloads

Alison’s Resumé Builder is for Everyone!

Our Resumé Builder is perfect for:

  • Anyone wishing to craft an impactful resumé.
  • Those unsure of the content to include (or exclude) in their resumé.
  • Recent graduates seeking their first placement.
  • Individuals who have been applying to jobs for months without success.
  • Job applicants with limited experience but with skills that meet job requirements.
  • Those wanting to customise their resumé for a specific industry or role.

Take the Next Steps

There’s no better time than today to start upskilling or reskilling yourself through Alison’s wide variety of free online certificate and diploma courses that can boost your resumé. 

Begin by taking our free Workplace Personality Assessment to discover your strengths, which you can include in your resumé, and the skills you must develop or refresh to round off your profile. 

Update your subject matter expertise by following through with the personalised course recommendations you receive from the assessment or tailor your learning path to suit your professional and personal goals. For instance, teachers might pursue a Diploma in Outcome-based Education and Academic Quality Assurance or obtain a certificate in Instructional Design Principles to Create Successful E-Learning Courses

Bolster your resumé with interpersonal skills, such as communication and leadership,
making you a more attractive candidate to potential employers. Other critical skills on your resumé that can catch the attention of recruiters and prospective employers include IT skills and skills in customer service, web development, web design, copywriting, and content creation

Strengthen your job search with an introductory certificate course in job search skills. Consider completing Alison’s Ten Laws for Personal Success course, designed to foster healthy habits and help you take daily actions for personal enrichment.

Putting It All Together

Photo by Steven Lelham on Unsplash

As an Alison learner, you gain more than just course access. You can create your resumé from your profile, with completed courses easily accessible to add. No need to sift through hundreds of templates or figure out the layout or content- our tool guides you through every step, helping you build a resumé that is consistent, structured, and focused on important information. 

Alison’s Resumé Builder is just the tool you need to highlight your professional and personal development and preparation for your dream job.  Sign up now and let our Resumé Builder set you sprinting towards the first or next milestone on your career path.


  1. What are the biggest advantages of using Alison’s Resumé Builder tool?

Alison’s Resumé Builder offers several advantages over traditional methods of resume creation. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Saves Time: Our builder allows you to draft, refine, and format your resumé in minutes. This frees up valuable time you can spend tailoring your application materials for specific jobs or preparing for interviews.
  • Easy to Use: No design experience is necessary! Our user-friendly interface guides you through each step of the resume-building process.
  • Creates a Compelling Resumé: Stand out from the crowd with a professional and well-structured resumé that highlights your skills and experience.
  • Free and Customisable: Unlike some resumé builder services, Alison’s tool is completely free to use. You can also customise your resumé by adding sections relevant to your background and career goals.
  1. I have no experience writing resumés. Can Alison’s Resumé Builder still help me?

Absolutely! Our Resumé Builder is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, regardless of experience level. We provide prompts and guidance to help you craft strong content for each section of your resumé. Even if you’re a recent graduate or haven’t written a resumé in a long time, Alison’s builder can walk you through the process step-by-step.

  1. Is Alison’s Resumé Builder just for recent graduates or people with limited experience?

No, Alison’s Resumé Builder is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their CV! Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking a career change or someone with specific skills you want to highlight, our builder can help you create a targeted and impactful resumé that gets noticed by recruiters. Our tool also allows you to showcase relevant certifications and coursework completed through Alison, further strengthening your application.

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