We’ve all been there before. The timing is perfect. You’re ready for a career change. You’ve seen an ad for your dream job at the perfect company. You know you are the right match for the position, but in the back of your mind, you hesitate to submit your application because your resumé just doesn’t cut it and you don’t know where to start to get it updated. Opportunities like this don’t come often. When they do, you need to put your best foot forward with a perfectly executed resumé. We have the perfect tool to help you design a professional resumé that’s sure to get you noticed and hired.

You have the skills. You have years of experience. But you’re not getting that call. The problem may lie in your CV. Thousands of CVs land on a recruiter or hiring manager’s desk. What you need is a resumé with an edge that sets it apart from the rest. It’s time to let Alison’s new and free Resumé Builder get you noticed in all the right spaces. Here, you can create a professional, industry-standard CV that will attract the attention of recruiters and land you that interview.

The Importance of a Resumé

Whether you’ve been working for years, starting out, or looking for a career change, applying for a job and landing an interview is not always easy. This process is made more challenging if you’re new to the job market and aren’t sure where to start. You need a strong CV to showcase your skills and experience. Your resumé is the formal customised document job seekers at every level send to an organisation to express their interest in open and advertised positions. You need a CV that exudes confidence, ignites the reader’s curiosity about the person behind the resumé and will make potential employers want to pick up the phone to schedule an interview. Creating the perfect CV takes time, editing skills, and a standout design element. Which is where we come in.

As an Alison learner, you get more than just access to all our courses. You can create your resumé from your profile and have your completed course easily accessible to add. You don’t have to sift through hundreds of resumé templates or figure out the layout or content. Our tool will help you to build your CV from the first page, guiding you through every step of the process. The bonus? It’s absolutely free and comes with unlimited downloads!

Benefits Of Having A Resumé

You don’t always get an opportunity to present your ‘5-minute elevator pitch’ in person to your dream employer. What you do get is a minute to pitch yourself through your CV. Your resumé should do three key things: 

  • grab attention
  • sell your strong skills, education and experience
  • tell your potential employer how you are the perfect fit for the position on paper to potential employers

With it, you hope to impress them enough to add your name to the shortlist and be invited to come in and do the rest in person. To do this, you need a standout resumé that gets your foot in the door. 

Alison’s Free Resumé Builder

Our Resumé Builder is easy and free to use. You can create your own professional CV  in just a few minutes. With our new tool, you will:

  • Get unlimited PDF downloads
  • Have lifetime access to update your CV throughout your career 
  • Be able to add your work experience and Alison Diplomas and Certificates to showcase your skills and expertise. 

Our Resumé Builder allows you to create a resumé that is consistent, structured and focused on the important information and will undoubtedly save you time to spend preparing for the interview when that call comes in.

Why You Need A Resumé Builder Tool

Before that call comes in, a recruiter needs to have seen your CV from among the thousands that land on their desk or in their inbox daily. Their time is limited and will often only scan the first page to see if anything captures their attention enough to turn the page. As an applicant, you need your CV to land in the right pile. 

Our Resumé Builder is the perfect tool to use for:

  • recent graduates
  • if you’ve been applying to jobs for months with no success
  • those who may have limited experience but have skills that meet the job requirement
  • if you’re unsure of the content to include (or exclude)
  • people who need help crafting a well-designed CV
  • people who want to customise their resumé for a specific industry

The Alison Resumé Builder is for everyone!

Building Next Steps

The Ten Laws for Personal Success course is specially created to lead you to success, develop healthy habits and take daily action to get you there. 

There’s no better time than today to plan the next stage of your career, upskill yourself to improve your career prospects, and get certified and hired for that dream job. Some of the in-demand courses you can study through Alison and add to your resume include but are not limited to web development and design, software engineering, copywriting and content creation. Our Resume Builder is a great tool to highlight your personal and professional development goals. Sign up and let our Resume Builder take you to the next level.

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