Explore Christmas gifts that your loved ones will not only appreciate but also use, thanks to Alison’s free online courses. Who hasn’t watched a loved one open a present and try to hide their confusion over the contents? Yes, they may have mentioned that they were going to take up fitness/painting/quantum physics in the new year, but what seemed like an excellent idea after a mulled wine under the fairy lights was simply a dream that was never going to survive the light of day – or was it?! With Alison’s free online courses, you can give that present and see your friend or family member learn how to enjoy it in no time at all! Here are seven Christmas gift ideas to help you get started.

1. Musical Maestro

Imagine the delight on your loved one’s face as they unwrap a musical instrument, be it a guitar, keyboard, or flute. After a few enthusiastic hours, the entire household may be relieved to see the beginner give up and put the instrument away. Skill development in any instrument takes time, practice and patience (on all sides). Alison’s free music courses cover a vast range of instruments and styles. Our expert tutors offer free teaching in classical or folk instruments right through to singing, creating electronic music and composing film scores. There are options for beginners through to advanced learners too. You can thank us later. Alison: Bringing harmony to your home. 

2. Creative Crafting

For those who love to get creative, or who want to preserve a time-honoured skill, our free craft lessons, like all our courses, are completely flexible, so they can be picked up and set down as easily as a pair of knitting needles. Once your recipient has unwrapped your gift of equipment, our tutors can supply the creative ideas and know-how they need. Turn memories into artefacts to treasure through creating memory quilts or scrapbooks. Perhaps they’re into crochet, soap-making, or pottery? Alison’s courses guide beginners through the basics, like selecting the best materials, while more accomplished makers can master intricate processes and patterns.

3. Capturing Moments

Whether your gift is the latest camera or a software programme like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, the recipient can elevate their photography game with Alison’s help. You can aid them in turning what may have been a flash in the pan into a burning passion with online photography courses that cover everything from mastering their camera to advanced photo editing techniques. From composition to lighting, they’ll learn to tell stories through their lens and transform ordinary images into extraordinary works of art.

4. Riding High

Santa Claus has long ago lost count of the number of bicycles he has delivered for Christmas but if you think a bike might be wheeling its way towards your house this festive season, check out our free courses specially for cyclists. They can not only enhance their cycling skills, but also learn the nuts and bolts of bicycle maintenance. From bike safety to DIY repairs, Alison’s courses cover the spectrum of cycling-related topics. And if the biker in your life prefers their two wheels with an engine attached, why not save them some money by helping them master their own motorbike maintenance?

5. Stroke of Genius

You can’t go wrong with a gift of art supplies for the aspiring artist in your life, especially in a time of soaring costs. Our free painting and drawing courses will further open up a world of creative expression to them. Whether they are a budding artist or interested in further skill development, these courses provide the techniques and insights needed to create stunning visual art. The range on offer may surprise you – and them. Classical drawing? Of course. Tattoo art? Spot on! As for Japanese anime, character building is par for the course at Alison.

6. Fit for Life

It’s the same every year: The party season gives way to New Year’s resolutions to get fitter and eat healthily. If your gift shopping includes gymwear, workout equipment or juicing machines for the new year diet, direct the recipient to our health and fitness hub for lots of inspiration and training. From home workouts to holistic well-being, these courses cater to various fitness levels and goals. They can embrace a personalised fitness journey, learning from expert instructors and incorporating wellness practices into their daily routines. Why not enrol while you’re at it and get your new year off to a healthy start too!

7. Cooking up Treats

For those who love getting creative in the kitchen, our baking courses are the icing on the cake. While it is never a good idea to gift the person who does the work in your kitchen with equipment unless they have specifically asked for it, home bakers and those who enjoy tinkering with new cookery techniques usually have a wishlist tucked under their apron. Alison’s free online cooking and baking courses cover everything from basic bread-making to advanced culinary arts. They can even master cake decorating and show off that beautiful cakestand and decorative slice you bought them. 

These are just a few suggestions to help you turn what might otherwise be a festive fad into a positive point of focus, and the list is by no means exhaustive. With courses in psychology, languages, academic subjects, DIY, writing, film-making and more, even Santa will be making a list and checking it twice. Explore endless learning opportunities with Alison and empower your loved ones this Christmas!

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