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Free Online Cyber Security Courses

There used to be two certainties in life - death and taxes. Now we can add a third - cyber attacks. With everything from our laptops and phones to the international industry reliant on secure networks, cyber security has become an area of global importance. Attacks may be motivated by criminal greed or malice, a foreign power’s hostility, or even simple mischief, but many can wreak havoc and cost billions. The weapons of choice in these binary battles include malware and phishing attacks, ransomware and distributed denial-of-service (DdoS) and more.

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Alison has curated a suite of courses that offer free cyber security training across a broad range of areas. You may be an individual who wants to become a clued-in digital citizen and protect your personal data, or perhaps you’re in e-commerce and need to feel confident of the cyber security basics? You may want to enter this field of IT and need to train in network security and identifying and dealing with risks, or you may already be a systems administrator working in cloud infrastructure services, aiming for further cyber security certifications.

In this Hub, you will find entry level cyber security courses right up to Advanced Diplomas. Subjects cover everything from ethical hacking, where a professional has permission to hack a corporate network in order to identify weaknesses, to specific exam-focused training such as the CompTIA Security+ courses for professionals at the frontier of protecting business continuity. New courses are being added regularly, so there’s every chance that the specific discipline you need to advance your career is either here, or in production. And with the choice of weapon evolving all the time there is always more to learn.

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Top Free Cyber Security Courses

Penetration Tester and Ethical Hacking Courses

Penetration (Pen) Testers and Ethical Hackers go on the offensive against criminals with specialist tools used in cyber security. Their work entails thinking like a hacker and using their skills to try to break into an IT system. Both approach cybersecurity from an attack mindset but in different ways. Pen testing is a regular procedure, which doesn’t interrupt an organization’s workflow. It examines the IT infrastructure’s strengths and weaknesses, and identifies any measures that failed the test. Ethical hacking may involve staging a cyber attack to identify and fix vulnerable areas before they fall victim to the real thing.

Usually, these roles are carried out by professionals working for a risk management or security consultancy, although some larger organizations will have an in-house pen tester. It’s one of the fastest growing areas within the already in demand cybersecurity sector. Staying ahead of the cybercriminal is key to success in the field and that means ongoing training as new systems are developed and new attacks emerge. That’s where Alison comes in. We offer cyber security certifications which will equip professionals to advance further in these challenging but highly rewarding careers.

Network security courses

There is no doubt that security is the buzzword in IT currently and there is a huge demand for skilled people in all areas of information systems security worldwide. Implementing best practice, and having the right tools and techniques to prevent cyberattacks is key to protecting data and resources. Installing firewalls, traps for hackers, and protocols for securing communications are a vital part of the network security specialist’s role and crucial elements of cybersecurity awareness training. At management level, IT security managers are responsible for their company’s security policies and controls and assessing vulnerabilities. Their remit includes managing security systems and investigating violations, training staff, and disaster recovery.

It is not always necessary to have a relevant degree to progress in this field. A solid foundation in cyber security principles together with ongoing and on-the-job training are more important. Many of Alison’s free online cybersecurity courses offer exactly what professionals require to maintain their career development. Have a look at some of our top performing certified courses and see which ones will help you - or your employees - keep your IT networks secure.

Incident handling Courses

Learning to deal with incidents is key to cyber security awareness training. An ‘incident’ may be an attack which threatens information but falls short of a full breach. Threats come in many forms. A phishing attack tries to trick the user into divulging sensitive information, or downloading malware. In ransomware attacks, files are encrypted and criminals try to extort a fee to unlock the data. A growing threat these days is distributed denial of service, or DDoS, which disrupts an IT system by flooding the network traffic with requests. Criminals may also try to access an organization’s data by targeting servers with an SQL injection. It’s worth remembering that not all incidents are the result of deliberate acts. System misfigurations - when human error leads to private data being made widely available - also fall under the cybersecurity incident umbrella.

Alison’s free cyber security training online covers specific types of cybersecurity incidents and will assist organizations or employees to create an effective cyber incident response management (CIRM) system. This helps an organization identify how and when an incident took place, and what action is required, which is key to dealing with threats as they arise and as importantly, making sure that any breaches aren’t repeated.

Workforce Academy Partnership

Workforce Academy Partnership shares Alison’s vision of making quality education freely available to anyone, anywhere and at any time. A catalyst for positive social change, Workforce Academy Partnership is dedicated to creating opportunity, prosperity, and equality for everyone. It achieves this by collaborating with experts in a range of disciplines across the world, who provide a high standard of teaching at no cost to students.

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Based in Ireland, the company offers courses in Project Management, IT, Business and Cybersecurity, including some of the best online cyber security certificate programmes for professionals in this field. One example is the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP 2019) course, delivered by a former US Air Force pen tester and Chief Information Security Officer with a multinational corporation. Others include the in-demand course, Ethical Hacker, which prepares learners for cybersecurity certification. It also caters for non-industry insiders with courses like Digital and Cyber Security Awareness, a more general intro to cybersecurity.

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Featured Cyber Security Publishers

ExoExcellence Consultants

This company is unabashed in aiming to be the world’s most customer-oriented consultancy and training company. A management systems specialist, based in Karachi, Pakistan, ExoExcellence Consultants has built its reputation on helping companies comply with the ISO management system standards. With so much business carried out online these days, businesses are finding themselves in possession of huge amounts of information and data. The progression towards helping businesses manage and protect this information has been a natural one for ExoExcellence.

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It has diversified into free online cybersecurity training with courses such as the respected NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) Foundation. America’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the US Department of Commerce, developed the Framework to help organizations to better understand and improve their management of cybersecurity risk. ExoExcellence brings that Framework to a worldwide audience, in tandem with Alison. It also offers training in the latest Information Security Management System Standard – ISO 27001:2013. This standard outlines how to implement a robust Information Security Management System as well as how to continually improve management.

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Channel 9

Channel 9 is an IT phenomenon. Run by a group of developers and tech enthusiasts within Microsoft, the organization believes that technology transfer - including research and teaching - is an important part of its mission. To that end, it has teamed up with Alison to provide students with free access to top drawer IT and cyber security education through its Channel 9 OpenCourseWare offshoot.

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Alongside multiple courses on JavaScript and C# programming, you’ll find gems such as Computer Networking - Digital Network Security, the ideal course for anyone interested in creating a stable and efficient network security system, and Network Server Security - protecting the server and client computers, which teaches students about firewalls, traps for hackers, the different protocols for securing communications within and outside the network, and more. Channel 9’s courses are ideal for anyone starting out in a career in cybersecurity, with foundational teaching in Transact SQL, database concepts and networking fundamentals.

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