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Diploma in Identity and Access Management

The technological innovations, tools and organizational processes of IAM are explained in this free training course.

Publisher: CODERED
Identity and access management (IAM or IdAM) is a crucial part of IT security and data management because it authenticates users and grants access rights to both people and machines. In this free IAM training course, you will study the relevant tools, technology and organizational processes used for network security. It also outlines the importance of Cloud services and the practical implementation of IAM solutions and infrastructure.
Diploma in Identity and Access Management
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    10-15 Hours
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This free online course on identity and access management will show you how to analyze the functions of ‘assets’ in an IAM system, as well as the impact of perimeter security management (in other words, securing the network’s servers, workstations and databases with a variety of tools). Other important factors such as governance, organizational process and standard approaches in IAM are also broken down for you.

Next, you will learn the importance of Cloud services in providing IAM coverage, and the practical implementation of strategies and solutions that cover a variety of scenarios. This training course also explains the functions of software and infrastructure services in IAM management.

The impact of significant changes in IAM technology will be examined, and you will get an in-depth understanding of vital functions like authentication, ticket-granting servers and standard JavaScript notations that can be optimized for Internet-based applications. You will also consider resource implications in the implementation, transition and migration of identity and access management systems. This free course will be of interest to IT professionals looking to broaden their skills and developers who want a more complete understanding of the overarching concepts of contemporary IAM.

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