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Financial & Economic Literacy

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Aggregate Supply and Demand

Aggregate supply and demand are key concepts in macroeconomics as they help economists interpret events in the past to help predict the future. The aggregate supply curve model demonstrates the relat..
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Currency Exchange

When most people think about currency exchange, we are usually thinking about buying foreign currency to bring with us on vacation. However, currency exchange involves much more such as treasuries, b..
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Financial Funds

Financial funds are a very important topic to understand in the area of financial economics. The terms hedge funds, open ended funds and mutual funds are often mentioned in the business and financial..
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Financial Literacy

What you do not know about money can really affect your entire life! Financial Literacy is a free, online introductory course about personal financial management. In this interactive multimedia cours..
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Financial Maths

In today’s economy financial math skills are indispensable. This maths course is designed to provide learners with some of the essential skills required for managing personal finances. The aim of thi..
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Fiscal and Monetary Policies

Fiscal and monetary policies are two strategies used to direct a country's economic goals. Fiscal policy involves the government and how it uses revenue and expenditure to influence a country's econo..
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Fundamentals of Accounting

Using an interactive presentation style, this course delve into the terminology employed in financial circles, the principles used in basic accounting and the systems put in place to ensure financial..
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Fundamentals of Economics

This free online course offers a comprehensive, no-nonsense guide to economics. Topics include the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services as well as economic growth and ac..

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Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

ALISON’S "Introduction to Accounting" offers a comprehensive guide to Financial Accounting. This free online course explains accounting principles and concepts, and how to prepare and analyse finan..

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Fundraising for the Non-Profit

Christine Benninger was president of the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) for 17 years. HSSV is an independent, non-profit animal shelter that provides high-quality adoptions, medical services, e..
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