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More Information about Miriam Lenoff

Miriam Lenoff is one of the founders of Known Success, a platform where people can learn more about goal setting and personal development. Miri and her team discovered different workshops that helped people understand their path when it came to reaching their goals. The workshops included a way of understanding yourself so that you may move forward in the future with more conviction. That’s why Miri created courses in order to help people understand the basics of goal setting and how sports can relate to our lives.

Miriam has created two courses on Goal Setting and Life Lessons from Sports. The course about goal setting is broken down into the basics so that we may understand what is the best way to plan our goals in order to reach them. The course about sports is a way to realize that we’ve developed ourselves and that there are hidden lessons within us that will motivate us to move forward in our lives. Both courses are a way to work on tactics within ourselves in order to become better.

Known Success has reached 30,000 email subscribers and/or Facebook group members and continues to grow to help people in reaching their goals. At the moment, members get information and help through newsletters and via the newly created Facebook group where others are able to support one another. Visit our website at www.knownsuccess.com for more information.