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Learning Begins With Teaching

Learning Begins With Teaching

As a leader in online learning, Alison has been at the forefront of global education since 2007. We know what makes education tick. While our project of democratising learning by making it available to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for free, is about empowering the world's Learners, we're equally committed to empowering educators. Alison could not exist without the incredible work of our publishing partners.

Part of our project of emancipating education from slow-changing and prohibitively expensive institutions, it is about creating opportunities for educators as well as for Learners. When universities have a monopoly on education it's not just the Learners who suffer, but subject matter experts everywhere, who cannot capitalise on their expertise, knowledge and intelligence.


We want to help you leverage your expertise, knowledge and intelligence. Alison publishers can earn up to €15,000 a year in passive income through our revenue-sharing model. By publishing with Alison, you gain access to a market of 20 million Learners, one that is growing rapidly everyday. Alison has a well-established stake in emerging education markets, which are the fastest growing in the world. This offers an exciting and lucrative opportunity to any subject matter expert seeking to monetise their expertise and experience.

Publish with Us

Fast-Tracked Course Creating

Course Creators can produce their own Alison courses and fast-track their earning opportunities. First-time Course Creators are required to complete two courses: one on the Alison Publishing Tool and the other on e-learning theory and practice. Once you've learned everything you need to convert your expertise into a quality course, you can start building your first course under the expert guidance of our in-house publishing team. Soon you'll be creating your own courses independently and maximising your earning potential.

If you are already an established publisher, we recommend you complete the Alison Publishing Tool course with the option of completing the e-learning theory and practice course.

Alison also hosts regular Webinars to answer any questions our Course Creators might have and our Publishing Team is always available to help with any course queries.

Assisted Course Creating Route

If you're a subject matter expert but don't have the time to train as a Course Creator, you can still publish with Alison. Our in-house team of publishing experts regularly convert the expertise of others into quality courses. Email [email protected] and we will assign a Course Creator to develop your courses. A one-time cost will be charged to the publisher and be deducted from their share of the course revenue for the first quarter. In this way the publisher does not have to pay anything upfront and the burden of building a course is taken off your shoulders. However, given the huge demand to publish on Alison, this can take considerably longer than the Course Creating route!

We Work for You

Alison will promote your courses through social media, email campaigns and search advertising to guarantee maximum exposure and earning potential.

Alison - A Platform With A Difference

When you become a Publisher with Alison, you're not just creating online courses like any others. Alison is a social enterprise that is committed to providing everyone on the planet - regardless of income, race or gender - with access to high quality education for free. Alison’s revenue comes from advertising, premium and certification services. None of our Learners, your Learners, are charged to learn. By publishing with Alison, you'll be turning your expertise into a force for social good that truly changes lives.

Interested in Publishing with Alison?

We currently have a high demand for the following courses and subject areas. Please use the search bar, or browse our alphabetical list, to see if your area of expertise is in demand. Should you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]