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Understanding Supply Chain Ecosystems

Learn the key aspects of supply chain ecosystems to help you effectively manage your organization and compete globally.

Publisher: NPTEL
With this free online Supply Chain Ecosystems course, you will look into the network of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources that are involved in moving a product or service from suppliers to customers. You will learn how modern supply chains have evolved into complex international networks as well as how they bring economic and social benefits to improve the standard of living for millions.
Understanding Supply Chain Ecosystems
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This course will first introduce you to ecosystems. You will learn that ecosystems are comprised of a network of institutions, resources, delivery services infrastructure, and supply chains. You will study how they all interact together with the economic and industrial landscape and climate. You will look into the different constituents of the supply chain ecosystem and the drivers of supply chain competitiveness. The business course will also discuss the Social-ecological Systems (SES) Framework, which can help in the study of governance, risk, innovation, and performance.

You will then study the Five STERM Forces as well as the main types of resources including natural resources, human resources, financial resources, and capital assets. You will learn that the Social Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic laws different from the rest of the country with the goal of attracting foreign investments. You will also study clusters and how they help companies to operate more productively in sourcing inputs and accessing information, technology, and human resources.

In this day and age, the modern supply chains distribution system has become complex, multi-layered, and inter-connected in such a way that companies and countries are able to trade more effectively and efficiently. This business course will guide you through the supply chain ecosystem in a clear, step-by-step manner so that you can fully understand this vital element of the modern economy. Check out the course today, and give your résumé a boost in no time.

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