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An Introduction to the Principles of Management

In this free online course, learn about the fundamental skills and functions of Management Principles.

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This free online course, An Introduction to the Principles of Management, is a fundamental course that aims to acquaint you to the topics of Scientific Management and Functions of Management. You will learn to recognize the qualities of proper management by distinguishing what successful managers do and how they go about it. If you have a team of employees that you supervise, you will be required to practice the Principles of Management.
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This free online course, An Introduction to the Principles of Management, is an introductory course on the Principles of Management. This course teaches you the fundamental skills and functions of management. It introduces you to the purpose of a manager and their importance within the leadership of an organization. Managers are essential in all areas of an organization. You will learn that the larger the organization, the greater the need is for good management. Everyone employed in an organization is affected by Management Principles.

You will first learn about what a manager's expected roles, purpose and functions are. Next, the course will outline how management has evolved over the years. It teaches you how Management Principles are used as a guide to run the day to day operations of a business and the different approaches employed by successful managers to have a highly motivated staff, whilst achieving their organizations' objectives.

Finally, you will learn how to analyze workflow and improve efficiency and labour productivity. You will be shown how to implement standardized best practices to improve productivity. Are you considering a supervisory or management role? Do you want to create a business model that can improve employee productivity and increase retention rates? Then start this course today!

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