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The Future of Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Heighten your prowess in 3D printing with this free online course on The Future of Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course will provide you with an indispensable mastery of the facets of Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing) Technologies. The processes involved, which are necessary for career advancement, and for meeting manufacturing goals, will be illustrated. You will gain industry-standard proficiency in 3D printing along with insights and recommendations that will transform and improve your overall knowledge of manufacturing.
The Future of Additive Manufacturing Technologies
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This free online course on The Future of Additive Manufacturing Technologies begins with a discussion of Machine Intelligence. You will learn about its objectives from different perspectives, as well as its expectations in modern paradigms. You will proceed to examine the concept of Blockchain, its advantages, and several aspects of blockchain such as the centralized and decentralized/distributed ledger, mining, cryptographic proof of work, digital signatures, and more. Also, a brief examination about the history of Additive Manufacturing (AM), as well as some of its basic concepts like Material Choice, AM categories and typical applications, and a simple discussion on Metal AM Technologies will be carried out.

Next, a deeper review of Additive Manufacturing will be considered. You will examine two dominant processes of Additive Manufacturing which include the Laser Powder Bed Fusion, and the Vat Polymerization Process. You will analyse these two processes of AM, touching more aspects under each process such as their schematic, process flow, material options, support structures, build parameters, process requirements, case-uses and examples regarding both processes. Moreover, all other categories of the Additive Manufacturing process besides these two will be briefly discussed.

Finally, you will gain an overview of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM), analysing its approaches such as system design, part design, and process design. The importance of DFAM and a few case studies associated with it will also be discussed. Additionally, you will explore the concept of the supply chain for Additive Manufacturing, its advantages, challenges, limitations, its various models, and the impacts of 3D printing on the Supply Chain. The subjects presented in this course are sufficient to transform your knowledge of Additive Manufacturing/3D printing from an elementary level to a more advanced level.  So why wait? start this course today!

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