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The Body Language of Public Speaking

Let TJ Walker take you through his body language principles to improve your public speaking in this free online course.

Publisher: TJ Walker
It's often said that body language tells you more about someone's demeanour, sincerity and general conviction than what they are saying in words. In this free online course, TJ Walker will introduce you to many public speaking techniques to appear comfortable, calm and relaxed when speaking in public. We will also study body language types, looking good on camera and what your clothing communicates about you.
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Body language is a collection of nonverbal cues that you employ to communicate your emotions and intentions. There are three big myths that we need to address when it comes to body language in the workplace and body language in general. This course will explore those myths and expose the truth about those myths based on discoveries done by TJ Walker. Public speaking is any form of a presentation given live by a speaker or a presenter to an audience or any group of people. Speaking publicly in front of a large group of people causes anxiety and nervousness. As such, we tend to avoid it. But at some point in life, you might find yourself in a situation where you have no other choice. And we know you will want to make a good presentation and connect well with the audience. This course will teach you how to avoid possible blunders and techniques to calm your nerves and appear comfortable and relaxed during your presentation. 

Have you ever wondered what to do with your hands when giving a public speech? We will show you how to gesture with your hands and move your body when speaking or making a presentation in public while sitting or standing. After that, we'll show you how to be composed and build confidence before making any presentation in public. Everyone makes mistakes - it is simply human - but making one during a presentation can be embarrassing and awful. This public speaking course will teach you how to handle awkward situations whenever you make blunders during public speaking. Eye contact is a powerful form of body language used to convey emotional and social messages. We will guide you through the types of eye contact and how to make good eye contact with your audience when presenting in public or at your workplace.

In most parts of the world, makeup is considered to be a complete taboo for men and an enterprise for girls only. But when it comes to looking good on camera, makeup is recommended for both genders. Makeup is used to reduce imperfections to look better physically and on camera. In this course, you will learn some makeup tips to look good when speaking in public. The content also covers how to position yourself on camera, clothing colours that don't work on camera and dressing to reflect your personality and story. We will also look into the techniques required to use a teleprompter (a device that displays scripted text to a speaker in a way that is concealed from the camera). This speaking class will help you improve your body language when speaking in public to deliver a professional presentation. You will learn how to keep audiences captivated, whether you're a beginner or professional speaker.

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