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Strand 5 Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Functions and Calculus

Learn more about functions and calculus in Project Maths Strand 5 Ordinary Level.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online course on Functions and Calculus will help any ordinary level student with their project maths in the Leaving Cert. The course will also be helpful for anyone studying this maths topic. Functions and Calculus makes up for much of the ordinary level paper 1 of Project Maths exam. By completing this Functions and Calculus course, you will have investigated all of the important concepts of the topic.
Strand 5 Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Functions and Calculus
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Functions is the final strand in phase 3 of the ordinary level Project Maths Course. This topic provides every important link between Algebra and Numbers and then introduces students to applications of calculus in real life.

The use of differentiation to find the slope of a given tangent to a curve at a point is introduced. This then leads on to the study of decreasing and increasing functions. Functions and Differentiation are often used in real life as an aid to understanding rates of decrease and increase.

For example, students will examine problems involving the maximum speed that can be reached by a car. They will look at the highest point that can be reached by a rocket or firework. Finally, the mathematical concept of numerical integration is investigated through the use of the 'Trapezoidal Rule' to find areas under given curves.

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