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Strand 3 Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Numbers and Shapes - Revised

This free Project Maths course looks at numbers and shapes, an important topic in the Irish Leaving Certificate exam.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online course teaches you numbers and shapes for Strand 3 Ordinary Level but is suitable for anyone who needs a maths refresher in the fundamentals of algebra and arithmetic. It uses real-life examples to explain the mathematical concepts connected to numbers and shapes.
Strand 3 Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Numbers and Shapes - Revised
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Numbers and number patterns are the basic building blocks of algebra and arithmetic. And we cannot escape using numbers in our everyday lives, counting the minutes and hours of our day with our clocks and counting out cash to pay for items or services.

Applying arithmetic and geometric series in finance is examined through investments and loan repayments. Using AER (annual equivalent rate) and APR (annual percentage rate) when calculating your repayments is examined. Students then look at the concept of a complex number and are shown how to multiply, divide, add and subtract them.

Complex numbers can be used to represent the current flow in a circuit and they are widely seen in electronics generally. Numbers are used to measure the perimeter and area of many shapes (hexagons, rectangles, triangles and circles) and we also try to work out the volumes of solids such as cones, spheres, cylinders and hemispheres.

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