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Strand 2 Leaving Certificate Higher Level Geometry and Trigonometry

This free online maths course covers up to a third of the new Paper 2 in the Leaving Certificate Paper in the Irish curriculum.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online course on Geometry and Trigonometry will be a great support to any student studying maths in their Leaving Cert. And also will be a guide for anyone studying maths in this area. 'Geometry and Trigonometry' is the second of two strands which can be seen in paper 2 of the Project Maths Course in the Irish curriculum. This topic covers much of the new Leaving Certificate Paper.
Strand 2 Leaving Certificate Higher Level Geometry and Trigonometry
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Co-ordinate Geometry and Synthetic Geometry are frequently used in real life to help us understand the transformations and dimensions of shapes and figures (lines, polygons, triangles and circles). Synthetic geometry involves the examination of shapes by means of axioms and theorems. Co-ordinate geometry studies circles and lines using a fixed set of co-ordinates.

Trigonometry involves the 'real life' measurements of angles, length and circular measure in both three and two dimensions. The use of trigonometry can be seen in the areas of building and construction, quantity surveying, and in architecture generally. This strand is one of the most applicable areas of the Leaving Certificate project mathematics syllabus and it allows students to gain experience of real-world problems.

This Strand will merge the mathematical aspects of Geometry and Trigonometry with good examples of real-life application. This is a very accesable course, with interesting subject matter.

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