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Scrum and Agile Immersion Training

This free online course explains how the Scrum and Agile Immersion approach can improve teamwork and productivity.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
Scrum and Agile Immersion is a Six Sigma medium that allows teams to work together. This course helps you understand the choices and terminology of Scrum. You will discover its core principles: the ‘three pillars of Scrum’. Then we will assist you in exploring the main areas to manage. We answer questions such as ‘what is an Agile approach?’, ‘what does Scrum focus on?’ and 'how does a Scrum project get started?'.
Scrum and Agile Immersion Training
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This Scrum and Agile Immersion Training’ course has been designed to provide you with functional knowledge of Agile Scrum methodology in a professional environment. This course clarifies the various components and terminology that we will use. We provide information related to Agile project management. We answer questions regarding the causes of project delays, roles, events and artifacts. We discuss complex examples and the proper tactics you should use.

Following this, we will prepare you to evaluate the ‘Project Lifecycle’. You will be able to learn how to correctly use the tactics and understand the pillars of Scrum. Next, you will discover how to evaluate various mistakes to avoid them. What is an Agile approach? What is the difference between Waterfall and Agile? This course will clarify these questions before finally conveying the steps for closure and helping you become a better manager.

This course will equip you with the skills needed to use and understand Scrum Immersion. It provides precise and detailed approaches you can apply in your professional environment. This framework is ideal for those starting a company, those in charge of teams or employees who want to learn how to use it to its full potential. Register for this training course and become confident in using Scrum and Agile Immersion.

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