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Scrum Master Training

This free online course describes the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master in facilitating a successful project.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
"This free online course on Scrum Master Training has been designed to teach you about Agile project management. You will also learn how to implement Agile using Scrum. While completing this course, you will be taken through the responsibilities of a Scrum Master in facilitating the success of a project. By the end of this course, you will become familiar with industry best practices needed to become successful as a certified Scrum Master.
Scrum Master Training
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One of the importance of Scrum or Agile practices is that it helps us to make organizational decisions in the most suitable way. This free online course begins by explaining how to use meaningful and functional ways to understand customer needs. It is very important to understand the customers or intending users in order to deliver the right products. The course introduces you to standard Scrum practices and how Scrum can be effectively deployed in an organization. You will learn about the Agile methodologies and manifesto. You will study the processes used in Scrum practices in order to ensure control over key organizational objects. The course goes on to explain the importance of customer satisfaction in any project and how it is prioritized alongside the delivery of quality software. It is quite important to always ensure the delivery of quality products. You will learn about the impact of having motivated project team members is invaluable to ensuring the production of quality products. The course briefly introduces you to some of the core principles and concepts of Scrum. Scrum approaches project management using different aspects. You will also learn about the processes used within the scrum lifecycle to ensure the complete success of a project.

This course explains the eighteen core Scrum processes and discuss how they are organized into five large groups. The course explains in detail the concept of initiation, planning & estimate, implement, review and release. There are also key aspects of Scrum that will be considered in this course. You will learn about the benefits of the key aspects of Scrum and how it can be scaled by a Scrum Master to facilitate a better Scrum environment. The Scrum Master has to ensure appropriate alignment of roles and tasks during the facilitation of the Scrum team. The course discusses how the Scrum Master ensures there is justification for the business side of a project throughout its lifecycle. The Scrum Master is responsible for establishing the core roles in Scrum. The Scrum Master is the servant master in any Scrum team. The course highlights how the Scrum Master enables the organization of appropriate authorities and responsibilities in each of the Scrum roles. Another important area discussed in this course is the business value and unique propositions that must be considered in order to commence a project. You will be taken through value delivery and how the assignment of Scrum roles is important during business justification.

Furthermore, this course explains the roles of a Scrum Master in facilitating the production of quality solutions for customers. There are metrics used for defining quality within a Scrum project. The Scrum Master should be aware of these metrics and the overall acceptance criteria for measuring quality in the project. One of the most important activities that take place during a Scrum project are the Scrum meetings. You will learn about the roles of the Scrum Master in facilitating and supporting Scrum meetings. An important initial task by the Scrum Master is in ensuring the team members understand the project vision at the beginning of every project. This course takes you through how the Scrum Master uses the Scrum meetings to ensure that the vision is well communicated. Sprint meetings are vital during every Scrum project. You will learn about the various techniques that can be used in facilitating coordination among product owners and members of the project team during Sprint meetings. If you are willing to use the Scrum Agile framework in facilitating smooth projects as a Scrum Master, try this course today.

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