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Research Areas and Innovation Methods

Learn about important research areas and the need for collaborative innovation methods with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free innovation methods course gives you some great insights into mechanical engineering areas as well as the concept of the micro-machine center. You will learn about the role of the mega prosthesis and the software used to plan surgery in 3D. You will also be introduced to the theory and need for collaborative innovation along with the seven concerns of innovation. Start this course today and enhance your knowledge of innovation.
Research Areas and Innovation Methods
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Innovation Methods is a free online course that begins by introducing you to Laser Vent Cleaning as a case study. You will learn about some mechanical engineering research areas such as micro/nanotechnology, computational methods, fluid mechanics, and thermal sciences. You will be introduced to the engineering processes involved in the production of the Micro Machine Center. You will become familiar with the challenges encountered in the production of the Micro Machine Center as well as the process of finding parameters.

This course then explains the innovative technology known as mega prosthesis, a knee implant for children who are suffering from cancer in the knee. You will learn about the procedure for a tumor knee prosthesis. You will gain an understanding of the development of software to plan surgeries in 3 dimensions. This course will also teach you about computer-aided technology integration and the preparation for surgery.

Furthermore, you will get familiar with the theory of collaborative innovation as well as its significance. You will learn about some important case studies such as Hero Cycles, dual-chamber bottle, and petrol pump design. You will be able to explain the pitfalls of innovations including research and design. This free online course will be of great interest to students, researchers, and anyone with an interest in technology and innovation. So, register for this course and start your next learning journey today.

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