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Psychiatric Disorders and Treatment

Free online course on various mental health disorders and how these disorders can affect the lives of the patient.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online psychiatric disorders and treatment course will teach you about some mental health disorders with cognitive disturbances, as well as an introduction to schizophrenic disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders. You will also learn about an introduction to the mental health of adolescence and their brain development, and also, how learning disabilities can affect the learning process of children, and personality disorders.
Psychiatric Disorders and Treatment
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In this course, you will learn about some mental disorders that have cognitive disturbance. An introduction to schizophrenic disorders as well as a look at the epidemiology of bipolar disorders will also be covered in the course. Then, you will learn about the effect of anxiety disorders on a patient, as well as how obsessive compulsive disorders are managed.

Then, you will learn about an introduction to the mental health of adolescents and the development of their brain. Then, the course will teach you about autism spectrum disorder, as well as how learning disabilities affect the learning process of children. Lastly, you will be introduced to personality disorders, and also, the ontogeny of sleep.

This course is helpful for learners who want to learn about various mental health disorders. The course will teach the learner how these disorders affect the behaviour of the patient. Begin this course now to understand how mental health disorders can be managed and treated.

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