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Process Structure and Threading in Operating Systems

The free online course on the process structure of an operating system and the role of threading in operating systems.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on process structure and threading in operating systems provide a comprehensive guide on the ways processes are created in a computer system. Learn about the various control blocks associated with process structure. You will be introduced to process termination synchronization, scheduling, p-threads and threading issues in operating systems. Start this course to improve your knowledge of processes in operating systems.
Process Structure and Threading in Operating Systems
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This free online course on process structure and threading in operating systems will begin by introducing you to process creation as well as the process structure in computer programming. You will learn about the role process plays in the memory of a computer system along with how a process changes state when during execution. You will also be able to review the process control blocks associated with each process in the computer systems.

Then, this course will also introduce you to the function of threading and scheduling in the process structure of a computer system. Furthermore, this course will teach you how multitasking works in mobile systems as well as how a process can create other processes. You will also learn how to identify, manage as well as terminate a process in an operating system and distinguish between single or multithreaded processes.

Finally, this course will introduce you to the concepts of threading along with its importance in the development of programs, especially in a multi-core environment. This course will then improve your knowledge of the motivation for threading in operating systems. Begin this course and improve your knowledge of the functions of p-threads in operating systems, threading issues in operating systems as well as thread cancellation.

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