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Scheduling and Process Synchronization in Operating Systems

Free online course on the components of scheduling and the fundamentals of process synchronization in operating systems.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on scheduling and process synchronization provide a detailed guide on the processes involved in scheduling as well as the critical section problems faced in scheduling. Learn about the concepts of mutex locks and semaphore implementation in process synchronization. You will be introduced to how CPU burst is measured using the exponential averaging method. Start this course to understand scheduling in the operating system.
Scheduling and Process Synchronization in Operating Systems
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This free online course on scheduling and process synchronization in operating systems will begin by introducing you to the concept of scheduling in CPU systems as well as the objectives of scheduling as the basis for multi-programmed operating systems. You will learn about the optimization criteria for the scheduling algorithm, as well as scheduling algorithms like the first come first serve (FCFS) policy and the shortest-job-first (SJF) policy.

Then, this course will also introduce you to the performance of the round-robin algorithm in operating systems as well as the importance of priority scheduling in scheduling policy. Furthermore, this course will teach you about the role of the queue in the scheduling process. You will also learn how to measure CPU burst by using the exponential averaging method, as well as the concept of process synchronization.

Finally, this course will introduce you to the producer-consumer problems of process synchronization along with the various algorithm processes that are possible in synchronization. This course will then improve your knowledge of the classical problems that can be encountered in process synchronization. Begin this course and enhance your knowledge on the use of mutex lock, as well as the implementation of semaphores in process synchronization.

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