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Parallel Circuit Rules and Ohm's Law

Learn the principles and practical applications of parallel circuits and Ohm's Law in this free online course.

Publisher: Steven Liguori
Further your skills and knowledge of electrical engineering technology and learn all about the various principles of parallel circuits and the applications of Ohm’s Law with this free online electrical engineering course. Some of what you will learn includes the relationship of voltage, current and resistance, power formulas, math calculations, and parallel circuit rules in an easy-to-follow format supported by practical demonstrations.
Parallel Circuit Rules and Ohm's Law
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Parallel circuits have more than one path, and often many paths. The advantage of using a parallel circuit is that each device has its own path and can receive the full source voltage. Another key advantage is that if there is an open or a high resistance fault in one of the paths, the other circuits will continue to work normally. A disadvantage is that they are more complex than series circuits. This electrical continuing education course will further your understanding of the world of parallel circuits including their many applications.

Your learning will start by exploring and understanding the parallel circuit rules. A substantial amount of time is spent illustrating and explaining each parallel circuit rule to prepare you for Ohm’s law, parallel circuit math calculations and the exercises that follow. This online electrical course explains both parallel resistance formulas in detail, and a host of practice examples will be presented and reviewed. With a complex circuit, math calculations can be complex – and you will be shown a fool-proof system to determine their order to simplify this often-confusing process. A couple of recorded live demo lessons are also included to strengthen your comprehension of parallel circuits.

This certificate in electrical engineering is intended for automotive, and beginner electronics students and DIY enthusiasts who crave a comprehensive grasp of parallel circuits and Ohm’s law. Understanding Ohm's Law math can help students recognize incorrect voltage measurements and improve their troubleshooting and diagnostic ability. Enrol in this exciting electrical engineering online course and continue your adventure toward a rewarding understanding of the three types of circuits used in basic automotive and electronics.

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